Electric surfing you just can't measure fun.

Or can you?

The carbon fiber jet board is electric-powered with a swappable battery system that takes a few minutes to change over, so you can spend more time out on the water and less time faffing with batteries. High power electric propulsion lets you carve through the water easily. No need for wind, waves, ecologically friendly.

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Upcoming new Model 2022

Long Range

Long ride times and lets you go further!


Plenty of acceleration and speed

environmentally friendly

Eco-friendly building materials

Concept and design

Unforgettable Experience

Aerospace Standards

Introducing OUR NEW ELECTRIC JET Surfboard

The electric jet surfboard explorer is best used on flat, open bodies waters. It’s perfect to go on long rides exploring the surrounding nature. It holds the perfect balance between agility and stability. Also, great for longer rides. Carving is a little more challenging and takes a little longer to master. But when you got it offers a truly unique riding and turning stile.

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Available Only in Miami

What you get!


Pass on the gas, this thing is fully electric!

Our Jet board Surfer is made with full carbon fiber construction throughout and has up to a 40-min ride time @ a top speed of 24MPH !

Included in box:

1 Power board Surfer 
1 36mAh Lithium-ion Battery
1 Intelligent Battery Charger
1 Remote Control
1 Safety Magnet
1 Leash
4 Handles on Board
Quick Start Guide
Aj surf board-Warranty


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” I was surprise how smooth and fast it rides over the waves. It is a really fantastic experience.”

Darnell Green

” Every one that sees the board wants to try it, and the truth is, thy should. “

Tyler Garza

“It’s like flying over the water, It makes you feel like Sliver Surfer. “

Billy Tucker

“I jumped on the board and was ripping through the waves in no time, this is a great water toy for everybody. “

Jenna Galler
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